Mouse urine: toxicity and how to clean the odor

Discovering mouse feces or urine is unpleasant and disgusting, at best. The presence of mouse droppings or urine in a home or business indicates the presence of rodents. Mice urine has a pungent smell and when this smell gets into carpeting, furniture and wood floors, it can leave a permanent, intense odor that will linger in the whole room. Fortunately, you can get rid of the smell without resorting to expensive treatments and toxic chemicals you may not want to use to clean your house or your pet mouse's cage.

The most important aspect of getting rid of mouse urine odor is bearing in mind the overarching importance of safety. When it comes to eliminating the smell of mouse urine, safety absolutely is the first and foremost consideration. Many people engage in unsafe practices when it comes to cleaning up mouse urine and eliminating the associated smell. These individuals simply do not know the potential danger that mouse urine and droppings pose. Because many people do not realize this can happen, they clean up mouse droppings in a manner that fails to follow appropriate safety protocols. These individuals run the risk of becoming infected by diseases.


In terms of the most likely to transmit disease, the urine of the mouse is certainly the most likely to hold different diseases, and one of the most dangerous is Leptospirosis, which causes some horrible symptoms and is usually transmitted through water or food contaminated with mouse urine. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome is another condition that needs to be considered, as this can also be transferred by a mouse urine, and although it is rare it can be fatal. Although it may not be as serious, Salmonella can also be contracted from a mouse urine, and causes symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting, only becoming a serious issue in rare cases.

Below are the steps to clean up the odor of mouse:


Equip yourself with rubber or plastic gloves, a facemask and work goggles when removing mouse-related odors. This may seem a little over-the-top but you can never be too cautious when removing mouse-related odors and this equipment will also protect you from any harmful bacteria, fumes and potentially harsh chemical ingredients. Never try to clean mouse-tainted areas with your bare hands as you risk spreading disease.


Combine 1 1/2 cups of bleach with 1 gallon of water in a bucket. Fill a large spray bottle with the diluted bleach mixture. Spray the mouse urine area until it's completely saturated.


Scoop up the mouse droppings and urine with paper towels. Continue to wipe the area until all mouse feces and urine is removed. Discard the paper towels in a trash bag and seal it.


Soak clean clothes in bleach solution and wring out excess moisture. Wash the surface where the mouse urine was cleaned up. Allow the bleach solution to air dry on the surface to deodorize smell and sanitize the area.


Fill a few small bowls with white vinegar. Leave the bowls in the room overnight to further deodorize any residual odor.

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