Installing a skunk-proof fence or barrier

Skunks are well-known due to their digging power. They can dig your whole garden when they are searching for insects and grubs. Anyhow, they are not excellent climber like other animals, so they wont get on the attic with the help of vent.

People who want to secure their home from this creature, then the best way is to secure the structure of the home, make your home wild-proof. The use of a barrier or fence is one of the effective ways against this creature.

Find some tips below to install these fence or barriers.

Install a ground-level barrier to repel the skunks 

You can find these products easily in the market which are sold out with the aim of using an additional underground barrier. Installing these barriers will discourage the skunks from digging the garden. To get the better result, install this barrier with the fence. Use the barrier that is made-up of high constructed material; otherwise, they may break it just to get their food. Use these barriers in the areas where you want to prevent the entry of skunks.

Use of woven wires

Another way to prevent the skunks into your yard or garden is the use of I-shaped that are also called woven wires. Unlike underground barriers, these woven wires are also found to be effective. You can use woven wire under the home deck or the area that is affected by skunks. Although installing woven wires will take time and money, but at least your home will be safe from skunks for a long time. People mainly used this way until they did not introduce the underground barrier. If you want to get long-term benefits, then it is important to install these wires properly. People who found it difficult to install I-shape wires they can install L-shape wires that are pretty much easy to install. This is one of the most effective methods to make your house skunk-proof.

You can also skunk-proof the area by following the given instructions:

  • Cover the opening with the sheet metal or with the steel as the skunks cannot remove them.
  • You can buy a hardware cloth, or even you can install a weave fence that should be two-inch below from the ground. This fence will not allow them to dig the place.
  • People who have sandy soil can increase the depth and length of the mesh to discourage the skunks.


It is important to understand the nature of the creature against you is going to use the barriers. In urban areas, skunks may make their den under the trees and the place that they found secure. You can use the fence or barrier over there to prevent them from making a den. Skunks are not only limited to the garden; they may find the shelter into the basement or garage; in that case, you can use odor or skunk live traps to get rid of them. Once they get out of that place, now its time to use the barrier or fence to make your house secure from the skunks.

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